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Surf Trip Report: Pavones, Costa Rica

Surf Trip: Pavones, Costa Rica

Pavones, is located in the southern pacific region of Costa Rica less than 40 miles from Costa Rica’s border with Panama.  It is considered the “end of the road” in Costa Rica and is a remote outpost for surfers interested in surfing one of the best waves the country has to offer.

That’s because Pavones, Costa Rica is home to what is considered by many, as the second longest left point break in the world.  The wave at Pavones breaks for about a mile on a good swell and rides can last for close to two minutes if you can make it all the way.  If you do, you’ll find that your legs are like wet noodles by the time you make it to the end of a wave.

Pavones is a goofy footers paradise and when your not surfing, the area is a wonderful place to spend time.  The town is small, but there is still plenty to do.  Pavones is an incredible example of Costa Rica’s natural beauty.  This is a wild coast where the jungle meets the sea and wildlife is abundant.  There are great places to hike, kayak, fish and surf around the area.  I highly suggest getting a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and cruise along the coast when the surf get small.

I have to say that Pavones is my absolute favorite place to stay in Costa Rica.

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