What makes Australia such a good surfing destination?

The surf culture in Australia is unsurpassed and the fact that Australia has over 35,000 kilometers of coastline, much of it in wave rich regions, makes it a perfect surfing destination for anyone looking to explore for surf.  Australia is an island continent that sits in the southern hemisphere, right in one of the richest swell zones in the world.

Surfing in Australia began in the summer of 1915 when Duke Kahanamoku gave the first surfing exhibition in front a delighted crowd at the Freshwater Beach in Sidney, Australia.  Soon after, surfing became popular with the locals and a whole surf culture sprang up around the beach around Sydney.  Since then, surfing has become a popular pastime in Australia coastal region and many of the best surfers in the world call Australia home.

Because Australia is such a large country with a vast area of surfable coastline, surfing destinations in Australia need to be broken down into specific regions to help you make sense of the surfing potential in Australia.

The following is a list of surfable regions in Australia and some of the surf spots and breaks that the country has to offer the surf traveler:


Queensland, Australia is located on the east coast and is home to the “Gold Coast” of Australia and “Surfer’s Paradise”, as it has been dubbed by surfers around the globe.  Queensland is the place to go if you want the surf and nightlife.  Many of Australia’s best surfers live in Queensland, it is home to the “Super Bank”, which hosts the ASP World Tour’s opening event each year.  Brisbane is the largest city in Queensland and where you’ll want to begin your surf trip.

NSW (New South Wales)

New South Wales has some great waves and is home to the surf mecca of Byron Bay, the most easterly point in Australia.  Byron Bay picks up the most swell in the area, but is not the only place to find surf in New South Wales, Australia.  The beaches in Sydney, Australia are the birthplace to Australia’s surf obsessed culture and is home to some great waves, as well as, a very modern and cosmopolitan city.


The state of Victoria, Australia includes the surf mecca of Torquay, which is the home to Bells Beach and Rip Curl Wetsuits.  The waves in Victoria are generated from storms in the southern ocean that produce powerful swells, that sweep along the coast that is home to some incredible right point breaks.  Victoria is also home to the city of Melbourne, Australia.


Tasmania is an island off the southeast coast of Australia and is home to a rugged coastline, big waves, big sharks and cold water.  This is not a surf destination for the faint of heart.  This is a real hardcore surf zone.  Shipstern’s Bluff is a surf spot near the city of Hobart has become popular with tow-in surfers.

South Australia

South Australia is a lesser known surfing area, but has several world-class waves and plenty of room to explore for surf.  Adelaide is the capital and largest city in South Australia.

Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the least populated and remote surf regions in the country.  On the southwestern tip of Australia you’ll find the Margret River.  This area is wine country and home to the most consistent swell window in Australia.  Waves get big out here as large storm systems in the southern Indian Ocean generate consistent and powerful swells that are focused towards Point Leeuwan.  Unfortunately, the surf is often marred by foul weather and strong onshore winds.  The water is generally cold, but as you head farther north in Western Oz, the water begins to warm.

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