With almost 7,500 km of coastline Brazil has lots of surf potential, but even with all this coast there are few world class waves.

What Brazil does have to offer as a surf location is a variety of good beach and reef breaks with a few points.  Along with the fact that Brazil is home to Carnival and the Brazilian Bikini, makes Brazil a must see surfing destination.  Oh yeah, and there are tons good of waves too.

Brazilians are generally quite friendly, but are extremely competitive in the water, so don’t push your luck with the local, many of which know Brazilian Jujitsu.  Due to this competitive nature, Brazilians surfers are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the ASP professional world surfing tour.

Brazilians love the beach and the beach towns are all great places to visit.  Pousadas are cheap to rent and food is inexpensive.

Because its such a large country with plenty of coastline we’ve broken down the surf into three basic surf zones; Northen Brazil, Central Brazil and Southern Brazil.

Northern Brazil (Fortaleza to Maceió)

The northern surf zone of Brazil is usually small, but has lots of potential and the best points in the country.

The best and most consistent surf in the area can found on the island of Fernando do Noronha due to its position in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, providing it with an open swell window.  There are several world class waves on north shore of Fernando do Noronha.

In Fortaleza, Rio Ceará is a right sandbar that can get good, providing long rides when working.

The area around Natal has some good right points and reefs.  Bahia Formosa is a good right point when the swell is pumping.  The point at Geniparú has lots of potential, but like all the points in the area needs significant swell to get good, which doesn’t come often.  This means beach breaks are usually your best bet to find waves.

Further south there are some good spots around the beach town of Pipa, Lajao and Praia do Amor being the best.

Recife has some good reef breaks.  Unfortunately, many of the best surfing beaches south of Recife have been closed by the local government due to an overreaction to several shark attacks which occurred a few years ago and you won’t be able to surf until you are almost all the way down to Maceió.

The city of Maceió has some good reef breaks at Ponte Verde.

Central Brazil (Salvador to São Paulo)

The central surf zone of Brazil has some good waves near Salvador.  North of Salvador, Praia do Forte has several good reef breaks.  In the city of Salvador, Praia do Stella Maris has a good beach break and several reefs along the same stretch of beach.

Rio de Janiero gets a decent amount of swell from the south each year and has some powerful beach breaks and several points.  Arapoador is one of the bette beach breaks in Rio and when its pumping there is an left breaking off of the northern headland.

Ilha do Mel (La Fortaleza) has a right sand bottom point that needs quite a bit of swell to get good.

São Paulo has some good waves and many beautiful beaches.  Itamambuca is a standout beach break.

Southern Brazil (Florianópolis to Rio Grande do Sul)

The area near Florianópolis has some of the best surf in the southern zone.  Cardoso, Galheta, Tereza, Itapirubá, Imbituba, Ribanaciera, Batuta, Rosa, Barrinha, Ferrugem, Mole, Mocambique and Barra do Sul are beaches worth checking.

The area south of Florianópolis is simply miles upon miles of uninterrupted beach break all the way to the border with Uruguay, except for Cigana, and the breakwater at Rio Grande do Sul.

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