The country of Chile is a long narrow strip of land on the Pacific coast of South America, stretching from its northern border with Peru, all the way down to the southern most point in in South America.

Due to its location, Chile is constantly bombarded with powerful swells generated in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

Chile is a surfing destination with over 6,000 km of coastline its no wonder there are so many uncrowded waves.  If you like big powerful lefts, cold water and uncrowded conditions, then Chile is the place for you to go.

Chilean has four basic surfing zones, the northern, central and southern Chile and Easter Island.

Northern Chile

El Gringo is the Chilean ‘Pipeline’, an A-frame peak that breaks off a close shore island named Isla Alacrán, which makes up part of the breakwall for the port of Arica.  This is an experts only wave!

La Bestia is a ridiculously heavy slab reef, in northern Chile, that produces huge left barrels comparable to the likes of Teahupoo in Tahiti.  This is an experts only tow-in wave located in the port city of Iquique!

Central Chile

The central Chilean surf zone is known for its series of good left point breaks Matanzas, Puertecillo, Topalcama, Pichilemu and Punta Lobos.  These points make this area of Chile a goofyfooters dream vacation destination.

Southern Chile

The southern Chilean surf zone is not as well know to surfers, but has several surf spots, such as El Puerto de Maguellines, another good long left point break and Lebu, as hollow left reef slab and beach break on the inside rivermouth.

Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is a territory of Chile and is well known for it s  monuments statues called maoi, however, it is also known by surfers to have world class surf on the island.  Easter Island located 2,000 miles from Chile and is the south eastern corner of the Polynesian Triangle.  Its also the only surfing location in Chile where the water is actually warm.

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