Surfing in Ireland has been going on since the late sixties, but only over the past few years Ireland has became known by outsiders as a world class surfing destination.  The result has bee a bunch of foreigners, and beginner surfers heading to the beaches of Ireland in search of an uncrowded “cold water Indo” to quickly find out that the local crowds are already on it.

Locals in Ireland are rather friendly, but demand the respect that any and all local surfers deserve in the water.  Who can blame them.  What used to be a quite place to surf with a few mates, has become a zoo overnight.  The hierarchy in the lineups are well established at the best breaks and you’ll have to wait your turn or risk the consequences.

The surfing in Ireland is focused on County Donegal on the north west Atlantic coastline, however, with the proper conditions (wind, swell and tides) there are waves all over Ireland.  The waves in Donegal are world class when its on.  Bundoran has the best wave in the area.  The Peak, as its accurately named, is a perfect peak with a short bowling right and a long barreling left.   Easky has two waves, Easkey Right and Easkey Left.  Both waves break over a flat shelf reef and can get really good.  The left is better, but the right is more hollow.

Fall is the best time to visit.  The summer crowds have tamed, the fickle Atlantic swells start firing up consistently.  Winters in Ireland can be bitterly cold, but the surf can be well worth it.  Bring your gun and 5/4mm, hood and booties, you’ll need them.

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