Located on the west coast of North Africa, just across the Straight of Gibraltar from Europe, Morocco is a surfing destination with plenty of culture, exotic spicy foods, cheap prices and lots of good waves.  The climate along Morocco’s coast is very similar to Southern California.

The shape of Morocco’s coastline and its location in relation to it’s North Atlantic swell window makes it the perfect destination for anyone interested in surfing its many world class right point breaks.  Because Morocco sits on the edge of the Saharan Desert, offshore winds tend to blow year round, adding to the perfection of the surf.

The coast between the capital city of Rabat and Casablanca is full of reefs that get plenty of swell each winter and some with really good waves.  This is a good place to explore when the swell isn’t pumping, as the area is usually uncrowded.  Oued Cherrat, a right, is one of the best of these reefs in the area.  There is a another right reef at Bouznika Beach that is really good and long.

Although Morocco is best known for its right point breaks, Dar Bouazza is an epic left point just south of the city of Casablanca, a world renowned cultural center in Morocco.

Essaouira is a great place to stay.  It is a vibrant port town with plenty of accommodations and some fun beach break peaks.  Just south of the city of Essaouira, is right point that gets epic.  Sidi Kaouki is a little further south from Essaouira and provides a nice hollow right rivermouth point.

Tafadna has a good beach break.

Further south you’ll find Cape Ghir, home of “Boilers” a  good right point break that can get really heavy on bigger swells.  Further south along the cape is just north of the town of Taghazout, is another world class right point break called ‘Anchor Point’.

Anchor Point is one of the best waves you’ll find in Morocco.  This right point picks up loads of swell and is super popular surf spot.  Just south of Anchor Point, as you are heading into Taghazout is ‘Mysteries’.

The port city of Agadir is another good place to stay if you are looking to explore the waves in the area.

South of Agadir is not as well known for its surf, which means there is probably a few uncrowded nuggets to explore if you have the time.

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