New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country full of friendly people.  It is the number one adventure travel destination in the world because of its amazing natural beauty, varied geography and its reputation as the safest destinations in the world.

New Zealand is not only a great place to visit for adventure travelers, its a great place to visit if you surf!  That’s because New Zealand sits directly in the path of some of the best swells in the world that are generated by large storm systems that form in the roaring forties, an area of north of Antarctica.   New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere about 2,000 kilometers from Australia and is actually made up of two large volcanic islands, North Island and South Island.

North Island

North Island is the most populated of the two islands and is home to the capital city of Wellington.  Auckland is the most populated city in New Zealand, which also resides on the North Island.  There are tons of good waves on the North Island on both the west and east coasts.   Raglan Point, a long left point break that gets perfect is located on the west coast of the North Island.

South Island

South Island is home to the Southern Alps, an incredible area for skiing and snowboarding.  It is also a great place to surf and its usually uncrowded.  Mangamaunu is a perfect and picturesque right point break on the South Island that offers really long rides.  The water gets cold so make sure to bring a good wetsuit if you are thinking about surfing the South Island of New Zealand.

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