Peru is a premier surfing destination due to its incredible waves and year round swell window. Peru is known by surfers for having some of the longest waves in the world.  The abundance of long left points and reefs makes Peru and surfing location you’ll have to visit.

Peru is located along the Pacific Coast of South America just south of Ecuador.  The coastal zone of Peru is an arid desert which receives less than 150mm of rainfall each year.

Peru has three basic surf zones, North, Central and Southern Peru.  Each has its benefits and drawbacks but should be used as a reference when planning a surf trip to Peru.

Northen Peru

Northern Peru’s surf zone comprises the provinces of Tumbes and Piura and is best from October to April when north and northwest swells are pumping.  Some of the waves worth noting are:

Mancora, a consistent left point that has some tubing sections and breaks on most swells.

Lobitos is a hollow sand bottom left point break with several sections, El Hueco, La Frontera, La Punta, El Muelle that can connect a super long tube on the right swell.

Cabo Blanco is a world class hollow left breaking over a reef that serves up long tubes.  Considered by many to be the best wave in Peru, which means it gets crowded.

Central Peru

Central Peru’s surf zone comprises the provinces of Lambayeque, La Libertad, Ancash, Lima and Callao.  Waves are best from April – October, when the south swells are pumping.

Lima, Peru is home to the Waikiki Club in Miraflores and several surf breaks worth noting, such as, Punta Roca, where the first surfing world championships were held in 1965 and Pico Alto, Peru’s premier big wave surf spot, which are both located just south of Lima.

Pacasmayo is a long left point break that gets world class.  Puerto Morin is another world class long left point break, just south of Trujillo.

Chicama, the longest left point break in the world is located in Puerto Malbrigo.  The wave here can connect for over a mile on 6′- 8′ + south swells.  So, don’t bother trying to paddle all the way back to the take off zone, everyone walks.  The wave varies from mushy to hollow.

Southern Peru

Southern Peru’s surf zone consists the provinces of Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna.  Unfortunately, there are few high quality waves to speak of in this area of Peru, but this means no crowds either.  Ilo and Boca Del Rio are the stand out surfing areas in Southern Peru. The waves in the southern zone are best from April – October, when the south swells are pumping.

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