South Africa

South Africa is a great surfing destination with loads of options for waves.

The Republic of South Africa is located, as named, in the southern tip of the continent of Africa.  South Africa’s location, which sits directly in the path of some of the most powerful swells, as well as the curvature of its coastline, are the two main reasons that South Africa has an abundance of world class waves along its shores.

Unfortunately, its location is also the reason for its drawbacks as a surfing destination, because the water is usually cold, except near its border with Mozambique, and the abundance of Great White Sharks that frequent its waters.

There are plenty of waves to discover all over South Africa, if you look around.  Some of the best areas to look are the West Cape and the East Cape of South Africa.

Western Cape

The West Coast of South Africa (Capetown area) has been getting lots of press in the surfing magazines due to the discovery of some giant waves in the area, in particular, Dungeons, which is an insane tow-in spot that serves up death defying rights that warp and heave.

For those of us who aren’t really interested in testing fate and just want some perfect waves to surf, Elands Bay is the call.  Elands Bay is the jewel of the western cape of South Africa.  It is an epic left point that peels off the headland in Elands Bay.  There is another good left further up the coast at Lambert’s Bay, a good rivermouth set up.

East Cape

When Bruce Brown came here to film his classic surf movie “Endless Summer”, he discovered “Bruce’s Beauties” a long right point wave that peeled perfectly for several hundred yards along Cape St. Francis.  It was the quintessential moment of surf discovery as Mike Hynson and Robert August climbed over the dunes to spot this perfect peeling waves.  It turns out that the wave hasn’t broken like that since.

And, it was another wave nearby that actually turned out to be the most promising discovery, Jefferey’s Bay, one of the best right point breaks in the world.  J-Bay is a long right point that has several distinct sections (Boneyards, Supertubes, Impossibles, Tubes, Coins, Point and Albatross) with Supertubes being the most famous and most sought after wave on the point, and for that matter in all of South Africa.  That’s because Supertubes is a fast, hollow and perfect wave that peels from take off.  Don’t expect to catch the better waves because the crowd is on it and know the wave a lot better than you.

If you like tubes, Cave Rock is an insane right barreling reef that is well worth surfing.  And around Durban, South Africa the beach breaks get incredible at New Pier and North Beach.  There are also quite a few good points and reefs in the area, but beware of sharks.

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