Spain is another surfing destination with tons of culture and really good waves.  The north coast is home to the best waves and is a magnet for powerful Atlantic swells.  Spain’s waves can be amazing when a swell is pumping and the offshore winds are blowing.

Galica is a great area in Spain to search for uncrowded waves.  It has a raw and rugged coastline that gets tons of swell and there a loads of uncrowded beaches with good surf.  There are some good beach breaks like Lanzada where you can find fun surf when its smaller, as well as, Playa de Razo and Patos, which are some of the better spots on the western shores of Galica.

On the north shores of Spain (Galica – Asturias), you can find some good waves if you look around and you’ll probably find more than you expected.  There are good waves at Dominios and Playa Reinante.  Avino is a really good reef break near the town of the same name.  Salinas is a decent beach break near Aviles.  Further east, is Barra de Rodilles, a left rivermouth set up similar to Mundaka.  It’s not nearly as good as Mundaka, but its worth a try.

San Vincente de la Barquera has a good beach break east of the harbor.  If the swell is pumping and the winds are onshore in San Vicente, try Oyambre.  Around the town of Santander there are quite a few breaks with fun surf and some hidden gems.

Surfing in Spain is associated with the epic waves at Mundaka, the best left on the European continent.  Mundaka’s surf break is located in the town of Mundaka at the mouth of the Urdaibai River.  When its on, Mundaka is an incredibly long top to bottom tube breaking over a shallow sandbar.  Not to be missed!

The Mediterranean coast of Spain is not known for surfing, but does get waves.  Your best bets for surf are on the island of Minorca at Punta Prima and around Barcelona.  But don’t expect to find anything if there isn’t any swell.  The best thing about looking for surf along the Mediterranean, is that the coast is incredibly beautiful and so are the people, plus there are lots of things to do besides surfing.

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